Home of 3 generations of experience in blending, bottling & maturing


High on a hill, overlooking vast, misty moors sit the towering gates of Peel Park, so named long ago after the area it resides. It is here we have been perfecting our gin for years; we can even trace our lineage to 17th Century Distillers.

While our secrets are kept hidden, the great people who labour passionately to make our gin shine bright. Distilled with only the choicest grains and carefully selected botanicals, the people of Peel Park ensure perfection in every single bottle.

Peel Park Gin is a deliciously smooth spirit. Made with a subtle blend of botanicals, expressing hints of fresh cucumber and crushed juniper berries on the nose, with a satisfying dryness and notes of crisp celery on the palate.

Available in:

200ml, 350ml, 375ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml