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Bonded Services


Campbell Meyer & Co. has over 150,000 square ft of bonded warehousing where our whisky matures to reach its desired age. Over a period of years it slowly draws flavours from the wood and gentle Scottish air.

A ‘bonded warehouse’ or ‘bond’ is a storage space in which the payment of duty and VAT is suspended on goods until they are removed or exported.

This tax free zone is where we set whisky down for its long slumber.


Campbell Meyer supplies bulk whisky to its customers for their local bottling needs. Bulk Scotch whisky can be exported within a variety of transport modes. All types of Scotch whisky, with the exception of single malt, can be exported in bulk capacity.

Bulk containers can include 200 litre drums, 1000 litre bulk containers (IBC), to 30,000 litre capacity tanks. Whatever the customer’s needs are – we deliver.

In addition to supplying bulk whisky, we also bottle own label brands for a customers’ designated market. We are experts in blending and bottling, and can provide an array of options to fit either premium or moderately priced brands.

We source our whisky from some of the oldest, most prestigious distilleries in Scotland. We use only the best ex bourbon, port and sherry casks for maturation and we always take pride in making sure our water of life has all of the flavour and charisma it deserves.

Campbell Meyer is a growing company with a dedicated team ensuring quality and consistency every time. As we expand, we continue to develop new warehouses and facilities for the ever-demanding volume of Scotch whisky the industry is accustomed to.