Home of 3 generations of experience in blending, bottling & maturing


High on a hill, overlooking vast, misty moors sit the towering gates of Peel Park, so named long ago after the area it resides. Over four generations of whisky makers and blenders has culminated in this refined and exceptional blend.

The skilled blending team and cask master at Peel Park share a close alliance to ensure the whisky matures exactly as desired. It is only when the maturing stocks have reached their true potential that the whiskies are carefully selected and blended together to create something special, Peel Park Whisky.

Peel Park Whisky is both fragrant, and rich on the palate. Boasting sweet and spicy notes of malted barley, apple pie and cinnamon with a smooth and delectable palate of ripe fruit, crisp pastry and warm toffee. A long and sweet finish rounds off this fine blend of Scotch Whiskies.

Available in:

200ml, 350ml, 375ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml