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In the 17th Century, deep in the mountain glens of Scotland the Highland Chief protects his Clan and territory. He is both ruler and general, in a time where the sovereign had no authority beyond the lowlands of Scotland.

With small-scale whisky distilling being an integral part of Highland life, eventually the taxman arrived to claim his share for the crown. To avoid the crippling tax, many whisky stills were driven to remote Highland glens, where they still operate to this day.

Deep in a remote Scottish glen, the Chief watches over his illicit whisky still. The stills were kept small- dismantled and hidden easily, should the authorities arrive. A terrier and a border collie keep watch to ensure the contraband remains safe.


Russetmuscat, Tawny


A sweet spice first enters the nose, bringing hints of pears, almonds and apricots. A touch of water brings out a creamy character with floral notes.


A very smooth whisky with fresh fruit appearing through a sweet grain background. Vanilla cream with floral notes infuses with fruity elements, which emphasises the Highland whiskies involved. A slight hint of peat smoke is present but fleeting.


A light and sweet finish with a slight dryness taking hold. Buttery notes with honey, hazelnuts and fresh apples soon dominate.


Highland Chief provides a deluxe whisky experience for any occasion. A strong Highland malt character brings forth a lighter and fruitier expression, neighbouring sweet and creamy elements. A blend as complex as this is guaranteed to be an absolute must for your whisky shelf.

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200ml, 500ml, 700ml, 750ml, 1000ml, 1750ml